We Are Not Your Typical Law Firm.

The legal system can be intimidating.
We seek to simplify it and make it accessible.

We're not going to brag about who we are and what we've accomplished.

While our lawyers and paralegals have done some remarkable things for our clients, we’d rather tell you about what we believe in, what we can do for you, and how we’ll work hard to make your divorce simple, straight forward and affordable. And that starts with letting you know that we aren’t looking to take advantage of you and your circumstances. We are here to help you get through your divorce quickly, with your head held high and with a few extra dollars in your pocket so you can start fresh when it’s all over.

We believe that early settlement and collaborative law are always better approaches (and more cost-effective) than aggressive litigation. We believe that an uncontested divorce is always financially and emotionally less taxing than a contested one. Nobody wants their divorce dragged out for months or years. To that end, we’ve developed a friendly process that, by design, is intended to facilitate a frictionless divorce. Whether you are a high net worth client or one with modest means, we’ll methodically navigate you through the process of dividing assets, deciding on custody and support issues, and resolving any other matters that are important to you. Our support does not stop there. Our paralegals and attorneys are available daily to respond to your questions and concerns - and we are very accessible. We’ve built our reputation one client at a time, and one divorce at a time. It’s a point of pride for us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to navigate you through your divorce quickly, efficiently, affordably, and with minimal casualties. We work hard to settle your divorce on fair and equitable terms - and we’re pretty damn good at it. In fact, we’ve settled and completed well over 10,000 divorce cases over the last 10 years.

Sometimes, however, despite our best efforts, a case simply can’t be settled. When that happens we shift gears and we go to bat for you. Our lawyers litigate for you. We use our combined years of negotiation and courtroom experience to achieve the best possible outcome. We don’t avoid your calls or drop the ball or rush you off the phone. We speak frankly and honestly. Most importantly, we stand by you, we listen to you, we support you and, when necessary, we fight like hell for you. That’s our commitment. That’s our promise. That's our mission.

Give us a call - we’d like to hear about what’s keeping you up at night.

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